Goriziane specialize also on design and manufacturing of machineries for the Offshore field. Also in this field, it's important to highlight the meaning of decennial cooperating and working close to Barge operators in the maintenance and general overhaul of the whole fleet of Pipe laying equipments.

  • Pipe Bending Machine (PBM)
  • Facing Machine (CFE)
  • Mandrels ( IMC, MPC & MIC)
  • Clamps (IPLC)
  • Pipe Divers (SPT)
  • Pipe Welder (PW)


  • Pipe Bending Machines: The most powerful and reliable machineries on market, suitable to bend steel pipes, steel grade from X65 to X 100. Available in the 6"/64" size range.
  • Pipe Facing Machines: Produce a high quality and precision bevels, ideal for the automatic and robotized welding process. Models available to cover the 6"/66" size range.
  • Mandrels: Used with the Pipe Bending Machine, it assures an efficient and speed pipe bending process. Models available to cover the 10"/60" size range.
  • Others Onshore Equipments: Pipe Welders, Hydraulic Power Units (with engine or electric motor), Bending sets, Lifting equipment, Compressors (with engine or electric motor), Bending digital Sensor (PAY BENDER), Pipe Cutting Machines, Choker Belts, Wrapping Machines, etc.
  • Pipe Laying Equipment: Plant installed on a Pipe layer Barge. On the vessel the pipe is handle, bevel, weld and then laid under the sea. Available to cover any pipe size range.
  • Others Offshore Equipments: Pipe lowering devices, longitudinal conveyor, transverse conveyors, line up stations, rollers and track support, vertical rollers, etc... Furthermore equipment for welding, NDT, repair and field joint stations
  • Pipe Coating Equipment

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