Automation and power supply equipment for onshore and offshore oil and gas application:
  • Life supporting portable cabin
  • Multi purpose technological shelter
  • Pressurized shelter
Containerized substation for desert installation
  • certified EEx-p direct on line motor starter
  • certified EEx-p star delta motor starter
  • certified EEx-p distribution panel
  • certified EEx-p distribution assembly

WE Walter provides:

[+] HV/LV Containerized Substations suitable for temporary/permanent

  • Reinforced, compact electrical mobile substation with transformer for tunnelling
  • Tracked self-moving electrical substation with transformer for tunnelling
  • Junction box for tunnelling
  • Tunnelling lighting system
  • Containerized electrical substation with transformer for surface
  • Electrical substation with transformer for power plant and emergency station
  • Refuge chamber

[+] Remote
[+] Underground or E EX-P areas
[+] Refuge Chamber - pressurized
[+] Life Supporting Chamber
[+] HV Junction Box, Electrical Equipment for Tunneling

Powertium Engineering

Powertium Engineering Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2001. The company is licensed by Petronas to supply goods and services in the oil & gas industry for both up stream and down stream sector. » Read more

Powertium Marine

Powertium Marine Sdn. Bhd. offers a fleet of offshore vessels such as our "Axe Bow" or "Sea Axe" fast crew suppliers have superior seakeeping performance. We also have AHTS/Accomodation work barge, Platform support vessel and other offshore support vessels. > Meet our fleet