GVM provides Machining & Related Services including but not limited to: Machining of Long Cylindrical Parts, Deep Hole Drilling & Boring, Lathe Turning & Milling on Oil & Gas Exploration & production Components such as Thickend End Production Risers, Water Injection Risers and Tapered Stress Joints

Services include:

  • CNC Turning
    CNC turning, or manual turning is the process of used to produce cylindrical components. Turning can be either on the outside of the cylinder or one can perform inside diameter turning (also known as boring) to produce tubular like components to various geometries.
  • Boring
    We specialize in long deep hole boring services. We bore up to 70′ lengths to improve straightness, wall thickness, surface finish or to facilitate balancing. Be sure to ask about our Large Honing facilities and Trepanning.
  • Drilling
    Drilling provides a given hole size with a single machining pass. It may be through the part, or partially through (blind). We provide drilling services for holes ranging from 1.375″ to 8.25″ diameter. Grand Valley can machine your flat bottom or radiused blind holes as well.
  • Turning
    In addition to Large Diameter Turning, we have Long CNC Turning and 4 Axis CNC Turning.We are familiar with most alloy grades, powdered metals, stainless and tool steel, Rene 95, high nickel steels, titanium and more…
  • Milling
    In addition to our CNC and manual milling capacities shown here, we also have CNC 4 Axis Turning and Drilling. We combine our expertise in large diameter boring with our milling capabilities to provide you with a complete range of machining services.
  • Facilities
    Specialties, Boring & Trepanning Lathes, CNC Turning & Horizontal Boring Mill Machining Centers, CNC Engine Lathes, Manual Engine Lathes, Hones, Turret Lathes, Crance Capacities, and Vertical Boring Mills are just some of our services.


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