• Mooring pull-in equipment, design considerations & manufacturingmethods
• Riser pull-in equipment design consideration & manufacturingmethods
• Advances in equipment design, new technologies & future design challenges

Working with the toughest Engineering, Component & Fabrication standards every day makes high-quality outcomes a way of life for Timberland. We’re as careful with our people as we are with your order as we emphasize employee safety during manufacture & transport.

We want your people to stay safe as well. That’s why we design operator safety into your machines and our commissioning procedures. Considering environmental impacts and designing risk-mitigation into the product and operating protocols helps to keep your project green.

Engineered solutions for offshore oil & gas projects

Our turnkey mooring systems, riser winches, fairleads and chainjacks have made us premier partners in the development of offshore vessels and platforms for the oil & gas industry including FPSO, Semi-Sub, Turret and Spar vessel configurations.

FPSO/Spread Mooring

FPSO/Turret Mooring

Semi-Submersible Mooring

Spar Mooring

Offshore Service Boats

Timberland also designs and manufactures deck gear and cable-handling equipment to outfit the workboats that service offshore vessels and platforms.

Click here for our downloadable Offshore Marine Technology Brochure.


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